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Her first album "Con Derecho a...", released in 2013, is one of the most interesting and innovative albums of the last year. Her first single "80 veces" shows an innovative musical acttitude that mixes roots, commitment and humour, as well as the ability to reach different audiences with sensitivity, nerve, inspiration, and an interpretative ability incomparable in the Spanish scene. 

"Comiéndote a Besos" is the second single from "Con Derecho A...", and its videoclip shows the personal universe of Rozalén, making the same impact as "80 veces", having become one of the Internet phenomenons in the year. Directed by Chino Saavedra (who also directed "80 veces") and with the special collaboration of Carolina Rodríguez, the nine times Rhythmic Gymnastics' Spanish Champion, the video "Comiéndote a Besos" impresses by its beauty, aesthetic, its involvement with the lyrics and for that special sensitivity that defines Rozalén's music. 

"It tells the story of a girl who is in love with a boy carring the HIV, but changing the tragic", says Rozalén. "In the video, the choreography by Carolina Rodríguez uses elements such as a red ball, symbolizing the blood, and one of her movements is related to the lyric of the song". She continues: "We met, we caught on really soon and we started to work on the video. Carolina's parents are deaf people and they are linked with what we do". 

Rozalen's concerts are a synonym of freshness and talent. With her show full of positive energy, the artist connects with the audience and transmits them in a really special way all her creative work. Last year she has gone across the main Spanish cities, with sold outs in many of them: Madrid, Valencia, Hospitalet, Toledo, Málaga, Sevilla, Murcia or Albacete, her homeland. 

Furthermore, she has participated in many events such as the Festival de Cine de Málaga, Premios Max, Lo Mejor de Aquí y de Allí de Cadena Dial, Por Ellas de Cadena 100, Onda's gala, AIDS' gala organized by Miguel Bosé (singing also with him) or the Olympic Committee's gala. 

In 2017, Rozalén released "Cuando el río suena"..., a critically acclaimed album which entered the charts at number 1.

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