Billie Eilish for Apple’s Holiday commercial

Billie Eilish for Apple’s Holiday commercial

Apple’s latest Holiday commercial features 'come out and play' - a song co-written and performed by new UMPG signing Billie Eilish especially for the ad. 

The animated spot follows a girl working on a creative project on her Mac but keeping her work hidden away in a box, until one day her dog knocks open the window and all her papers fly out into the street. When people outside pick up the pieces of her work, they all smile – portraying the message of the ad: “Have you ever made something wonderful but were too afraid to share it?”

There has been widespread praise for 'come out and play' in the press, with Billboard describing the song as “gentle and inspiring”; Idolator stating that "Billie Eilish truly has the magic touch"; whilst Rolling Stone proclaim her to be “one of the biggest breakouts of 2018.”

Watch the commercial below, along with an interview with Eilish about the creation of the song.

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