Brendan Maclean Releases Album 'And The Boyfriends'

Brendan Maclean Releases Album 'And The Boyfriends'

Brendan Maclean is back with his two year in the making debut album And The Boyfriends. This release comes after his two consecutive singles 'Hibernia' and 'Where's The Miracle'.

He reflects, “And The Boyfriends was always about reflecting on and empathising with the women in my life and also the lack of true femininity in myself.” Brendan said to Billboard in the lead up to the album release, “It was this or nothing,” He continues, “The themes are so heavy and not easy to talk about, but musically it captures an energy like nothing I’ve made before, not even close.”

Produced and written with New Zealand’s Sarah Belkner, the ARIA nominated vocalist has uncannily delivered his most honest material to date. Maclean sites Australian creatives such as Kira PuruMontaigneAinslie WillsDonny Benét and Paul Mac as they each play a vital role in helping the album rise to its stunning conclusion.

Listen to And The Boyfriends here!