KESMAR Releases New Single 'Up To You'

KESMAR Releases New Single 'Up To You'

Ahead of his tour with Vera Blue in February and March, KESMAR is back with his sophomore single 'Up To You'.

KESMAR reflects on his journey creating music experimentally and stumbling on his new funk-driven sound, 'I think when you're younger you can latch onto certain genres and specific styles and idolise pretty heavily...and this was me limiting myself"

He then he says what he really wanted to with this project "push creative boundaries and open my eyes and ears up to new was a necessary change to maintain the love that inspires me in music in the first place" So in a sense, he discovered new genre and style and began to 'Feel It Again' (his passion for music, that is).

‘Up to You’ revives the old soul of disco, in a contemporary setting. Filled with slick basslines, throwback synths and a solid drum groove. Written and recorded in Melbourne with producer, Tim Ayre. KESMAR says “Up to You is about a relationship I was in at the time, feeling uncertain seeing it roll towards a downward spiral but feeling helpless and letting her decide where it goes"

Listen To 'Up To You' below!