I Know Leopard Release New Single 'Heather'

I Know Leopard Release New Single 'Heather'

Sydney quartet I Know Leopard are back with their new track, 'Heather', the second consecutive single after, 'Landmine'. This comes ahead of their anticipated debut album Love Is A Landmine out 5 of April.

 This glittering 70's inspired track is charming with its call and response melodiesand nostalgic harmonies.

The track is immensely catchy, and has a subtle groove to its natural story-like nature in the lyrics. Directed by Stupid Genius, the clip for ‘Heather’ is a sequel to the video for ‘Landmine’, which was released in August 2018.

Watch the music video for 'Heather' below!

I Know Leopard - 'Heather'