Collarbones Release New Single 'Everything I Want'

Collarbones Release New Single 'Everything I Want'

Electronic duo Collarbones have released their new single 'Everything I Want'. This is the second consecutive single released after a two-year hiatus as a group


'Everything I Want' shines through as a honest, abstract and reflective ballad, which is a huge contrast to their last electronic club banger, 'A.I'.


It’s been eleven years since, as teenagers, the duo met on an online message board, beginning a storied union that’s seen the release of three albums of sinewy electronic pop. Pairing the rhythmic mechanics of club music with confessional balladry, Collarbones’ sound is an equally playful and dark navigation of a grotesque mishmash of genre,both popular and obscure.


Collarbones have also announced Sydney headline show at The Red Rattler in Marrickville on March 23 to launch both 'Everything I Want' and 'A.I' 


Listen to 'Everything I Want' here!