BRUX Releases Remixes Of 'In My Dreams'

BRUX Releases Remixes Of 'In My Dreams'

Ahead of playing Sydney’s FOMO Festival on Saturday 12 of January, BRUX has released the remixes of her latest track, 'In My Dreams'. 

The package release includes a remix by Sydney-based electro-pop producer Donatachi as well as Melbourne based dance music producer Christopher Port. Both takes on 'In My Dreams' transform the track into a new realm, whilst still harnessing the originality that BRUX empowers in the original.

'In My Dreams' is the third release by new electronic-dance sensation. The mystery that lurks around the persona is what intrigues audiences as well as the turbulent force of brooding rhythms. Declan Bryne from Triple J comments, "whoever said robots can't fall in love hasn't listened to BRUX". 

Listen to 'In My Dreams' and its remixes by Donatachi and Christopher Port below!

In My Dreams - Donatachi Remix