JONCE Releases Debut Album 'Outside/In'

JONCE Releases Debut Album 'Outside/In'

JONCE releases his debut album Outside/In after the release of his three consecutive singles 'Dead of the Night', 'Outside/In' and 'Nuveaux'.

Sydney's Jono Graham (leftprojects, Spit Syndicate, Soma, Kid Heron) strikes a chord as he venture's out on his own for the project JONCE. This project in particular for Graham is amerced in garage inspired rhythms and bright electronic production.

His debut album Outside/In moulds his signature sound, the instrumentals are reflective and the vocal samples a shimmering mantra. There's diverse African and eastern inspired percussion that appears especially in his track 'Nuveauax', this vibe really sets the scene for a scenic album.

Graham reflects on the creation of his album, "It reminds me of being a child again, discovering something for the first time again. It’s an exciting feeling. I wanted to try and capture now in my life through the music that inspires me".

Listen to Outsid/In Below!