Deep Sea Arcade Release New Album 'Blacklight'

Deep Sea Arcade Release New Album 'Blacklight'

Deep Sea Arcade release their new album Blacklight including singles 'Outlaw' and 'Close To Me'. 

After having just wrapped up a tour of the east coast, and the release of two single's that gave us a taste of their evolved sound, the duo has released their much anticipated album Blacklight.

Some of the songs on this album have been seven years in the making, vocalist Nic McKenzie reflects on his strength in making the album, he had to make the decision to"... actually go, no, I am vulnerable and I’m going to say things about being vulnerable".

Within the album it is evident that Deep Sea Arcade have pushed the boundaries of genre, their music intertwining between trip hop, electronic and rock 'n' roll. The mix of these moods really set the scene for a interesting and compelling body of work. 

Get lost in the duo's psychedelic trance, listen to Blacklight below!