Woodes Releases New Single 'Dots'

Woodes Releases New Single 'Dots'

Acclaimed Melbourne based artist Woodes has released a new single 'Dots'; an anthemic track highlighting why Woodes is one of the most exciting names in Australian indie music. The track is a driving, sonic wonderland highlighted by the incredible vocals by Woodes.

Woodes co-produced the track with Grammy nominated producer Scott Effman, Simon Lam from Kllo and Nearly Ontario worked across the mixing and Grammy nominated Andrei Eremin (Hiatus Coyote) mastered the new single.  

Woodes commented on the writing process. "I wrote this on my first writing week overseas. I was in and out of sessions with new writers and it was a new world to me, working with strangers in another country. This track started with the concept that we’re all connected and quite exposed in our locations through technology. GPS, geo tagging, constantly updating where we are and where we’re going as well as who we’re with. The mystery is taken out. 

The song evolved into a miniature quest, searching for something. When I dream I usually remember narratives from them, for a long time they were presented in a quest format. Most of my favourite films and shows revolve around quests so it made sense to seep into my subconscious. I often feel like things appear like little clues to someone or something. It feels fortuitous when I meet certain people and find out we share common interests and values. When I listen to 'Dots' I see different terrains, different parts of the world. No matter where I am I find little sparks from human connections and landscapes. No matter where I travel to I’m still connected to home." 

Dots’ is the second single from Woodes since her acclaimed debut self titled EP was released last year. Clocking in over 3.5 million streams to date and featuring in Pigeons & Planes, Indie Shuffle and Rolling Stone, her EP also debuted in the top 20 iTunes charts in 7 countries including at #1 in Singapore Alternative Album charts as well as charting in the Spotify Columbia and Spain Viral Charts. 

 Check it out below!