Caiti Baker Releases Debut Album 'Zinc'

Caiti Baker Releases Debut Album 'Zinc'

Electronic music duo Sietta’s very own Caiti Baker, has just released her debut solo album, mixing hip hop and soul, classic and urban.

"The record melts Caiti’s experiences and Mangohig’s production with samples from Caiti’s once- estranged musician father’s guitar samples. Finding common ground in music, ‘Zinc' in many ways facilitated both a family and creative reconciliation, the record bristling with emotion and a raw energy of a tension-filled love that adds to the tapestry of life’s experience portraited on the album."

"The last year has been a musical exploration… My album is a real reflection of that and I feel like through this process I’ve reclaimed my music and found my identity," said the NT Music Award winner, Caiti, of the album.



Caiti Baker - "I Won't Sleep"