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Years & Years

With influences including Flying Lotus, Gus Van Sant, Anne Carson, Edward Hopper and Phillip Lorca diCorcia; Years & Years share an obsession for duality in their art, and capturing those moments. When lead singer Olly reveals the lyrics behind ‘Take Shelter’ the point becomes clear: "I was in a relationship that ended badly" he explains, "the song is written about that thing you do when you go back to someone and you know it's wrong and you shouldn't, and it's going to end badly, yet somehow you get solace even from knowing it's going to fuck you up." It's what band member Mikey describes as music to make you "cry and dance."

Signed to Polydor, the band have toured with Clean Bandit and Sam Smith, sold out their own London shows, and garnered some fanatics on the way. “We have one super fan called Olivia…” says Olly, “she either comes to the gigs, or sends someone on her behalf. At the end of a show someone will appear with M&Ms, stamps or gifts with our faces on,” he laughs, “all they say is ‘Olivia sent me’.” 

Having topped the BBC Music Sound of 2015 poll, the addictive hooks, lush production and irrepressible feel good energy has seen the trio reach No.1 in the UK charts with 'King'. Whilst debut album 'Communion' reached No.1 in the UK Official Albums Chart, outselling the rest of the top 5 combined in the process.

"This trio are making dance music that wears its heart and soul on its sleeve – their countless electro pop anthems will fill many a festival tent next summer."
Alison Howe, Series Producer, Later… with Jools Holland

"...catchy, soulful dance pop with an undercurrent of melancholia is in very safe hands indeed." 
The Guardian

"Years & Years are a very good band. This is a solid pop fact that you can take to the bank." 
Pop Justice

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