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The Veronicas

“I’m your Lolita, La Femme Nikita, when we’re together, you’ll love me forever. You’re my possession, I’m your obsession, don’t tell me never, you’ll love me forever.”

It’s been five years since the Aussie duo of Jess and Lisa Origliasso topped the charts with their double-platinum album 'Hook Me Up'. Though 'Lolita' is inspired by the controversial novel of the same name, which is about a young temptress seducing an older man, The Veronicas are happy to leave their own teenage years behind and emerge as strong, confident women poised to take over the world with their dark and mysterious dancefloor anthem.

“To us, ‘Lolita,’ is about power play,” says Jess. “It’s the power play between genders and age groups, as well as people’s perception of taboo, boundaries, what is acceptable and what a Lolita is: She’s a bad-ass and she’s on a mission. She wants to destroy something, either her own perception of what’s right and wrong or everyone else’s. She wants to prove something to herself.”

Lisa adds: “It’s kind of dark – it’s a little bit mysterious and a little bit provoking in a sense.”

Co-written and produced by pop hit maker Toby Gad (Beyoncé’s ‘If I Were a Boy,’ Fergie ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’), who previously worked with the twins on their smash single 'Untouched,' which was a Top 10 hit in Australia and sold over 1.5M downloads worldwide.

Since bursting on to the music scene in 2005 with their 4 x Platinum 'The Secret Life Of…', The Veronicas have proven themselves to be one of the country’s most successful and admired bands, both for their own music and the songs they’ve written for other artists. Followed by the success of their 2007 album 'Hook Me Up,' which spawned singles like 'This Love' and 'Take Me On the Floor,' it wasn’t long until the world became obsessed with The Veronicas, too.

After taking some time off - and apart - to explore individual musical interests and live life, Jess and Lisa have mined their own experiences, new influences and past relationships as additional inspiration for 'Lolita,' which is sure to connect with past, present and future fans.

“If you think what we are saying might offend people—we are not trying to do that; it’s literally our lives,” says Lisa of the song’s semi-controversial subject matter. “We are living with this and that’s the way it is.”

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