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The John Steel Singers

Brisbane band The John Steel Singers formed on a bright sunny night while drinking chartreuse and lime cordial. With six members traversing across instruments like explorers, The John Steel Singers bring another dimension to the indie pop aesthetic with an accomplished brass section on trombone and trumpet.

The band comprises of Tim Morrissey (singing, guitar, keys) – “Cider connoisseur. Could write sweet pop songs before he could play decent guitar”; Scott Bromiley (singing, trumpet, keyboards, guitar, anything) - “Sometimes has a beard, stupidly talented with almost every instrument he picks up, except for trombone”; Ross Chandler (drums) - “Has sweet hair, smiles a lot and smells good”;  Luke McDonald (singing, guitars with many strings, piano) – “Has rad parents who let us kick them out of their house to record. Amazing at harmonizing”; Damien Hammond (bass) – “Plays bass real good, can solve a rubik’s cube crazy quick”;  Pete ‘Peaches’ Bernoth (singing, keys, trombone) – “Lead trombonist, has red hair, can mess up a rubik’s cube in under 3 seconds.” 

Having already gained kudos as the inaugural Triple J unearthed award winners for their Scott Horscroft produced EP ‘The John Steel Singers: In Colour’, the band released their debut album ‘Tangalooma’ in November 2010. ‘Tangalooma’ maintained John Steel’s unique sense of indie rock, whilst bringing that unique dance-a-long joyous pop that has been their trademark on hits such as ‘Evolution’, ‘Rainbow Kraut’ and ‘The Masochist’. The album was mixed by Nicholas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective, The Fiery Furnaces).

What’s next for The John Steel Singers?  “Maybe lots of big tours throughout this year and into the next showing the town folk what we have been doing in new and extravagant ways. While hinting at what’s to come with Album No 2”.

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