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Marvin Priest

Marvin’s musical bloodline explains a lot. The son of reggae superstar Maxi Priest, Marvin spent his childhood touring the world and soaking up all the international music world had to offer, long before he was even old enough to start high school.

However, now in his 20s, it’s only recently that Marvin decided he would take on the family business full time.

Marvin’s debut single ‘Own This Club’ took home the ‘Urban Work of the Year’ gong at the 2012 APRA Awards, reached 3 x Platinum and sold over 250,000 units in the process. The follow-up ‘Take Me Away’ feat. Wynter Gordon hit Gold status and became a staple at Australian pop radio and now Marvin’s new single ‘Are You Ready?’ shows all the signs of becoming another major hit for this promising young star.

So, how does the son of a British reggae legend find himself pumping out dance tracks, signed to Island Records out of Australia? About three years ago, the South London-bred singer started a regular gig as a back-up vocalist in his dad’s touring band, a tour that saw Marvin visit Australia. Naturally, Maxi didn’t want his son getting lost in his shadow and would invite Marvin to the front of the stage to share the spotlight, regularly duetting with his dad and even penning tracks for albums.

Marvin was so enchanted by Australia that he now spends half of each year here. As for leaning to dance rather than reggae, he is simply chosen to make the sort of music that he loves. “My dad is a reggae singer so everyone’s first thought is that I would be a reggae singer,” Marvin laughs. “But to be honest, growing up listening to music, I was obsessed by R&B as a youngster. As I’ve become the artist I am today, as I was in the clubs listening to what was going on, it all added up to me: Wow, I really love dance music, I really love club music, I like to be in the club partying. So I’ve brought my R&Bish style with bits of reggae and infused it with pop music”.

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Are You Ready