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Leftprojects is a collaborative electronic project featuring producer/guitarist Jono Graham and vocalist Sarah Corry. Artfully bridging the divide between organic and electronic, hip hop and jazz, alternative and popular, leftprojects occupies a sonic space of its own.

In one sentence? leftprojects create a beautiful mix of soul and RnB infused electropop, drenched in emotion.

Regulars on Triple J, FBI Radio and Indie Shuffle, they’ve racked-up over 1 million plays on Spotify and have supported artists including Thundamental's Tuka, Thelma Plum and Sietta nationally. Jono and Sarah are also long time collaborators with Sydney hip hop collective One Day, featuring on Horrorshow and Spit Syndicate’s albums as well as national treasure Joyride’s forthcoming debut. With more writing credits than you could count, Sarah and Jono separately are powerful and skilled musicians - but together, they are magic.

Leftprojects work closely with enigmatic Horrorshow producer Adit who brings a certain hip hop element to the team, while Jono’s production is inspired by many genres from experimental jazz to electro, from neo soul to dubstep and UK garage. Add Sarah’s sultry, enchanting and at times vulnerable vocals and a stunning and nuanced melange of three talented musicians’ influence is achieved.

Having been a Triple J Feature Artist, FBI Artist of the Month and one of SMH’s Next Big Things over the last 3 years, with plays across Triple J and community radio nationally, leftprojects are fast becoming stalwarts of the Sydney music scene with their crisp production, beautiful melodies and ethereal live performances.

Formerly known as Left., leftprojects decided to change their name in 2018 to avoid the dreaded Google search pain their growing fanbase experienced when looking for them for the first time.