Jorge Aguilar

Jorge Aguilar
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JORGE AGUILAR's popular music trajectory starts in when was signed at 19 years old by Columbia records to produce his jazz fusion band ESPERANTO first album. Afterward, the band was signed by WEA ( Warner-Elektra-Atlantic) to make a second album. Both albums had great success considering the incipient record market and industry in Venezuela in those days. With this band also opened the Venezuelan concert of the " Frampton Comes Alive " tour. During those days he called the attention of artists such as Billy Preston and Tina Turner who were touring Venezuela and invited him to visit Los Angeles. At the time, he was attending Universidad Central de Venezuela obtaining a degree in Media Comunications with specialty in Advertising and Public Relations.

After obtaining his bachelor he moved to L.A. and recorded what became his first solo album " Aguilar " ( Rodven Discos ) obtaining great sales and successfully toured Venezuela. In this album were featured some of the most important session musicians of Los Angeles in those days including Freddie Washington, Marlo Henderson, Benjamin Wright, Kenny Moore, Patrick Henderson, James Gadson, Al Vizutti, Rick Braun, Lon Price, Maxayne Lewis and others. Totally, as a solo artist, Aguilar released four solo albums named : "Aguilar", "Siempre Juntos", " Calor " and " Pedazos de Vida ". All them gannered acclaim. He also recorded as a session musician in more than 50 albums of Venezuelan artists.

Venezuelan press considered Aguilar as the creator of Latin Funk and he is one of the most important representatives of Venezuelan pop music of his generation. After leaving his solo proyect Aguilar decided to go into the musical production for several TV Channels in Venezuela where he arranged and produced performances for artists such as Armando Manzanero, Luis Miguel, Ricardo Montaner, Miguel Bosé, Chicas del Can, Diomédes Díaz, , Enmanuel, Wilkins, Lucía Mendez and others. Later, he became the Worlwide Musical Director for the hispanic version of FAME The Musical and toured for 3 years in Venezuela, México, Argentina, República Dominicana y Colombia. Before he directed FAME, he served as Vice president of Bravo TV, a musical channel based in Venezuela. When the FAME tour finished, he founded La Vista Estudios C.A., a media enterprise that up to date has provided music for around 2000 tv and radio advertising pieces for companies such as Directv, Venevisión, E Entertainment Television, Kraft, Gerber, Mac Donalds, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi Cola, Nissan, Heinz, and many others. In 2007, his company developed the first pre sales campaign for Directv in Venezuela. As a recognizion to his work, he has obtained several Promax awards in Los Angeles and New York and many other recognitions in Venezuela. Jorge Aguilar songs belong to the Universal Music Publishing catalog. As a producer his recently material can be heard in recordings made by artists such as Manuel Dikez ( 2006) and in Spain´s OPERACION TRIUNFO finalist Jorge Gonzáles ( Dikélame 2007 ) and D´La Selva ( A reventar ) 2010. Since he moved to Miami in 2012, Aguilar has written music for Several TV series and movies such as EL Cabaret ( High Hill Entertainment / Telemundo), Latin Billboard Awards, HBO, Advertising campaigns for FIFA World Soccer Tournament, Truvía, Diario Las Américas, main theme for Los Paracaidistas ( film from Dominican Republic ) and several others. To date, Aguilar keeps providing a wide variety of music to the movie, TV and adverstising industry) as well as writing songs for his catalog ( Aguilarmusica/ BMI / Universal Music Latino ).

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