Los Angeles Studio Equipment List

Studio A


API Console
24 mic pre
32 channel with 32 EQ’s
24 monitor section

Pro Tools
Pro Tools 12 HDX (32 in and 32 out)
MAC Thunderbolt Desktop 12core 2.6 64Gig Ram with Sonnet Chassis

Waves Mercury Bundle Featuring WAVES DLS Low Latency I/O
Digi Bomb Factory Bundle
Pultec Bundle
Fairchild Bundle
Digi Pro Compressor
McDsp Ultimate
Sound Replacer
Auto Tune 8
Auto Tune Live
Amp Farm
Bomb Factory
Pitch n Time
Vocal Align Pro
Revoice pro
Sound Toys Bundle
Eventide Bundle Anthology II Bundle
Kontact Ultimate 9
Auturia Analog Classics
Sub Boom
Logic 9

Large Mix Room With large writer’s credenza
Large live room / with Yamaha C7 Piano
Medium Size Vocal Booth
Small ISO booth to the left side
Gretsch house drum kit
Gretsch Duo George Harrison Electric Guitar
Vox Hand Wound AC30
Matchless Amp
Martin HD-28 Acoustic Guitar

Outboard Gear
GML Compressor
Tube Tech CL1b
Universal Audio 175
Universal Audio 1176
2 Neve 3314 compressors
BBE 802
5 DBX 160X
Sontec EQ
Pultec EQP-1S3
Pultec EQP-1
Eventide 3500
Lexicone Prime Time II
PCM 70
Yamaha SPX90
Yamaha REV7
Roland SRV-330
Alesis Qudraverb
4 Valley people Gates
4 Ampex CX-1
Lexicone 480L w/classic card
M-Audio Oxygen 88 / sustain pedal

Tele 251
Neumann U67 Vintage
Neumann U47 Feti P48
Naumann U87 w/Stephen Paul Mod
2 Mojave M-300 matched pair
2 AKA 414 C B-ULS
2 RE-20
6 Shure SM 57
Senn 604 snare mic
2 AKG C451 B
3 AKG C452 EB
2 Senn 421
2 ATM 25
2 Vintage RCA 77DX ribbon mics
2 Royer 121
Shure Beta 52a
HDK-7 kit Heil sound Drum mics/w case
2 ATM 23 vintage drums mics

Studio B

D-Command Controller Console
Acheron Studio Monitor With Tanoys Subs
Ns 10’s

Mac Pro 12 Core 64gig Ram
Digi Design Blue Face  I/O
Pro Tools 12
Logic 10

Oxygen Midi Controller
Nord Keyboard
Korg Keyboard
Taylor Acoustic Guitar
Fender P Bass

U87 Mic
Royer 121
4 X Shure Sm 67
2 X Akg 414

Outboard Gear
Bae 1073 Mic Pre & Eq
Api 3124 Mic Pre
2 X Summit Audio 2ba-221 Mic Pre
Tubtech Mp 1a Mic Pre
Focusrite Quad Mic Pre
Focusrite Dual Eq
1176 Black Compressor
Teletronix La2a
Dbx 160 Xt
2 X Smart Research C2 Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor

Plug In List
Waves Dls Digi Grid System
Waves Mercury
Eventide Anthology 2
Autotune 8
Autotune Live
Slate Everything Bundle
Revoice Pro
Vocal Align Pro
Softtube Studio Collection, Summit Audio Tla 100a, Tubetech Cl-1b
Sountoys 5
Sound Replacer
Bombfactory Bundle
Mcdsp Everything Bundle
Izotop 6 Bundle
Kontact 9
Many More Not Mentioned

Writer Room

Apple Mac Pro 3.2Ghz / Quad Core / 6 gig memory

Pro-Tools HD8
Logic 9
Lion OSX

Apogee AD DA 16X
Genelec 8030APM Studio Monitors
NEVE 5015 Mic Pre/Compressor Portico Series
Dragonfly Microphone by Blue


Oxygen 88 MIDI Keyboard (weighted keys)

Fender American Stratocaster
Fender American P-Bass
Taylor 310CE Acoustic Guitar

Audio Suite Plugins
Waves Gold V9
Autotune Evo