Rhye 'Woman' Rhye 'Woman'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 04 March 2013

Rhye is a meeting of two musicians - Robin Hannibal from Copenhagen, and Canadian Mike Milosh, from his adopted city of Berlin. The relationship began when Robin commissioned Mike to remix some of his work. When the songs came back, Robin was inspired by how “it didn't sound that much like a remix really, instead it was like Mike had created layers and layers of amazing vocals and created an idea for a new song."

The idea for a collaboration was born – and when the two met they found "we both really like emotional music, something that has that quality of getting under your skin” says Robin.

They worked solidly for a month, recording in a tiny home studio in Robin’s apartment. "We did the horns and the drums, even though I couldn't bring up a whole set. I'd record one piece at a time, the snare, the kick drum. And we even lugged a harp up my stairs to capture those tracks."

The result is a heart-breakingly beautiful collection of songs, dripping in “luscious strings, soft synthesizers” and “replete with soulful harmonies and low-key grooves that caress like sheets of silk against smooth skin.” (Line of Best Fit). Mike's vocals have drawn numerous comparisons to Sade, and the duo's initial refusal to reveal who was behind the music only added to the buzz. The simple reason for their reluctance to take the spotlight was their desire for the focus to remain purely on the music - as Mike explained to the New York Times, "We wanted people to really hear the music first, without any preconceived notions.”