Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires
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Friendly Fires released their self-titled debut album in 2008, selling over 200,000 copies and picking up a fistful of Brit Award and Mercury nominations along the way. The band’s appeal spanned everyone from indie kids to clubbers to the highest strata of the fashion world – the band were handpicked by Gucci to soundtrack a worldwide campaign, covering Depeche Mode’s Strangelove for an advert created by acclaimed director Frank Miller (Sin City, The Spirit). At the same time they watched their global audience grow exponentially with their spectacular live shows. Then in October 2009 Friendly Fires began to piece together the ideas and themes that would become their new record ‘Pala’.

The trick Pala pulls off so wonderfully is making the melancholic sound so euphoric, putting Ed’s worried words up against the brightest, toughest music they’ve ever made. The album dances between different sounds - ‘Show Me Lights’ is spectacular, pure pop with a real Hollywood sheen; the shifting, shuffling ‘Chimes’; the Afro-beat pop explosion of ‘Pull Me Back To Earth’, and the brilliantly frenetic ‘True Love’ with its slap-bass and shimmery guitars.

‘Pala’ was released in 2011 and featured in the UK Top 10 Albums Chart. After amazing shows in New York, Australia and Japan, the band took this record to the rest of the world. Ed says "the truth is, there’s just not enough music out there that’s really celebratory.”

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