Vargas & Lagola releases two new songs Vargas & Lagola releases two new songs

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 19 maj 2017

The creative union of accomplished songwriter/production force Salem Al Fakir & Vincent Pontare, inaugural single 'Rolling Stone' set the bar for the duo's experimental yet infectious pop prowess at an all-time high for 2017. Returning ahead of the Summer with instrumental offering 'Dolores (The Awakening)', vivid jazz influences meet the duo's experimental studio flare head-on. Bringing their own vocal prowess back in focus for 'As Long As I Have To', the duo's practiced production precision and unshakable songmanship stand centre stage for this stellar moment of alternative pop mastery from the act, filling a marker run of new material from the Swedish group.

With prior writing credits as varied as Madonna, Katy Perry and Swedish House Mafia, Swedish Grammy award winning duo Salem Al Fakir & Vincent Pontare come practiced in the art of crafting music for the masses. Having experienced incredible success both domestically in Sweden and internationally courtesy of their production and song writing work, Vargas & Lagola marks a personalized spin on the act's globally acclaimed skills. As one of several singles pegged for release in 2017 with Sweden Music (the home of Seinabo Sey), the year ahead spells one of reckoning for this new force in alternative pop. 

 Listen to 'As Long As I Have To'

 Listen to 'Dolores (The Awakening)'

Watch the beautiful video for 'Dolores (The Awakening)' below.