Oskar Linnros - 'Väntar' EP Oskar Linnros - 'Väntar' EP

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 12 maj 2017

Earlier this year Oskar Linnros teased about new music, he then released hymn 'Psalm för skolgårdar'. Today he releases EP 'Väntar' a collection of fantastic songs Oskar has written over last years. 
'Fri' is written with fellow UMPG writers Seinabo Sey and Isak Alverus.

A special Spotify playlist where Oskar tells us the story behind his music mixed with old songs was released two days before. Listen to This Is: Oskar Linnros here

Read more about Oskar's 2017 summer tour over at Luger.  

 Listen to 'Väntar'