Lune unveils 'Healing Song' Lune unveils 'Healing Song'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 22 februari 2017

Today UMPG artist Lune has released a dazzling new single titled 'Healing Song'.

The track is an arresting, melancholic ode that traverses the complex road to self-discovery, movement, and healing. Of the song, Lune describes,"'Healing song' is a metaphor and a piece. In the lyrics i find my self in a place i don't wanna be, everything is not healing. In the end of the verse i choose the 'light' and accept the 'dark'; the wicked, and in that moment i break free (illustrating the break free by singing Ah ah ah ah ah ah in the drop). 

Alongside the song, Lune has also revealed a 'Healing Routine' that should be done in tandem with experiencing the song. 

'Healing Song' is written with fellow UMPG writer Simon Strömstedt.

 Listen to 'Healing Song'