Sync Spotlight Film Bella Donnas Sync Spotlight Film Bella Donnas

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 14 september 2017

Film Bella Donna’s 

Sync Spotlight: Bang, Bang co-written by Onika Tanya Maraj (Nicki Minaj) is featured in the Dutch film Bella Donna’s.

When their dear friend Bella dies, three best friends Amy, Jasmijn and Sasha decide to finish her bucket list for her. Between skydiving, illegal street racing and getting a Brazilian wax, nothing is as hard as challenge #3; finding true love.

A light comedy about friendship, love and doing things you never dreamt of doing.


Music used by Universal Music Publishing:  'Bang Bang’, written by Onika Maraj, (Martin Sandberg), (Rickard Goransson), (Savan Kotecha)
Producer: Erwin Godschalk (executive producer), Cory Knauf (line producer; L.A. Unit), Ilse Ronteltap (line producer) and Maarten Swart (producer)
Writers: Diederik Jekel and Jon Karthaus. 
Distributer: Dutch Filmworks
Regie:  Jon Karthaus
Cast: Kiki van Deursen, Carolien Spoor and Eva Laurenssen

In Dutch cinemas: From September 14th, 2017