Sync Spotlight Film 'Soof 2' Sync Spotlight Film 'Soof 2'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 08 december 2016

SYNC SPOTLIGHT – ‘Jodge Me Niet’ by Jaouad T Jayh Ait Taleb Nasser, (Kim Arzbach), (Arjan Bedawi), (Vijay Kanhai) featered in Soof 2. 

After quite some couples counseling Kasper decides he wants a divorce. Her life is more chaotic than ever, Kasper already found himself a new girlfriend and her kids are busy with their own lives. Soof wants to take her life in her own hands and meets up with Jim Cole, but as always their timing is wrong. After this she meets Bauke, a handsome and single chef. He does not only see Soof as a chaotic and hard working mother, but also as a funny and sexy women. 

Soof feels great, but is Bauke the solution for all her love problems?

Music used by Universal Music Publishing: ‘Jodge Me Niet’ by Jaouad T Jayh Ait Taleb Nasser, (Kim Arzbach), (Arjan Bedawi), (Vijay Kanhai), ‘Chapel Of Love’ by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, (Philip Spector), ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘Reunited’ by Dino Fekaris, Frederick J. Perren, ‘Lonely This Christmas’ by Michael Donald Chapman, Nicholas Barry Chinn, ‘Fuck You’ by Lily Rose Beatrice Allen, (Gregory Allen Kurstin), ‘That’s Amore’ by Jack Brooks, (Harry Warren), ‘Body Moves’ by Joseph Jonas, (Kristoffer Jan Patrik Fogelmark), (Albin Nedler), (Justin Tranter), (Rami Yacoub).

Cast: Lies Visschedijk, Fedja van Huêt, Achmed Akkabi, Daan Schuurmans, Dan Karaty, Brent Schoemaker, Niek Schoemaker, Lobke de Boer, Maryam Hassouni, Birgit Schuurman, Anneke Blok.
Regie: Esmé Lammers.
Producers Hanneke Niens, Hans de Wolf, Rachel van Bommel.