Bastille release second album 'Wild World' Bastille release second album 'Wild World'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 09 september 2016

Bastille release their hugely anticipated second album ‘Wild World’ today through Virgin EMI. The album follows the band’s global 4 million selling, multi-platinum debut ‘Bad Blood’.

‘Wild World’ retains the vivid, rich, filmic song-writing of its predecessor but pushes the band’s distinctive sound in exciting new directions. Lyrically, too, it’s a leap forward, “If our first album was about growing up and the anxieties surrounding it” Dan explains, “Our second is about trying to make sense of the world around you, both as you see it and as it’s presented to you through the media.”

Written by Dan Smith, Wild World was recorded in the same tiny, South London windowless basement studio where the band recorded its predecessor. It's a collection of songs that sees Bastille at their boldest and most daring. Anthemic yet thought-provoking tracks include the fiery, string-laden, ‘The Currents’, as well as the bombastic ‘Send Them Off!’. There’s also the pensive, stripped sound of ‘Two Evils’, as well as the irresistible and rousing ‘Snakes’ and the guitar heavy ‘Blame’. 

The Guardian award 4 stars, as do NME  - who call the album "a triumphant pop record… unflinching in its ability to rouse listeners.” 

In spite of the band’s success, Dan is still constantly amazed by the fans' response to Bastille’s music. He says: “I still can’t really comprehend how much it means to some people but it’s amazing and totally humbling to hear.”