Left. Reveal New Single 'Thank Me Later' Left. Reveal New Single 'Thank Me Later'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 27 July 2017

Sydney band Left. have released their new single 'Thank Me Later' today. The song is a heartfelt apology for giving up on a relationship. Rinsed in nostalgic synths, 'Thank Me Later' is an anthemic single with howling vocals delays and an 80’s tinged rhythmic drive. The electronic pop duo is made up of singer Sarah Corry and guitarist/producer Jono Graham, and they’ve joined forces with producer Cam Parkin to create a powerful, intricate ballad. Left. work closely with One Day talents Adit Gauchan (Horrorshow) and Spit Syndicate on their projects, with Jono touring with Spit Syndicate currently.

“It’s been almost a year since our last single, but we’ve been busy working on a new EP. With a new member of the team, Cam Parkin, we’ve lifted our game and finessed ideas a lot more at the production level. We’re really excited for people to hear this song, and the rest of the work we’ve been hibernating over,” says Sarah.

With a couple of releases under their belt, 'Thank Me Later' is the first single off their upcoming EP 'Stay/Go', to be released in Spring 2017. The EP is a bit of a ‘Sliding Doors’ concept, exploring the repercussions of making one seemingly small decision.

Left. have clocked up over a million plays of their catalogue on Spotify, with standout 'No Way' receiving 400,000 plays and enjoying viral success on the AU Viral 50 playlist when released. Last year they were Triple J Unearthed Feature Artist in June and were played across Triple J and Unearthed as well as local radio RRR and FBi.

Take a listen to 'Thank Me Later' below!