Experience Milan's Visual Beat Tape 'Venus Fly Trap' Experience Milan's Visual Beat Tape 'Venus Fly Trap'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 05 May 2017

UMPG beat maker, singer and guitarist Milan has just dropped 'Venus Fly Trap', a musical journey accompanied by stunning visuals for the absolute complete experience of the debut release of new hybrid music, art and fashion label MXMAY, founded by the talent herself.

All written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Milan, VFT is a beat tape that plays out a modern love affair between the analogue and digital world. The rendezvous of humble Australian outback bedroom beats meeting in the sparkling city of angels results in a lush layered production leaning into an R&B and rhythmic Cuban spiced dance floor cacophony. 

VFT is paired with a stunning curated visual series filmed by fashion videographer Fling Fling. Check out the beats and a visual taste of the project below.

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